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Looking to move to Annecy or the area? We can help!

Tell us what you are looking for and we'll help you find it!  Our sister company, Annecy Lacmontagne, based in Annecy, offers a fully bilingual service and will be able to find your new home, helps with the visits, contracts, move-in inventory etc. 

With their vast knowledge of the property market, the life in the area, the system in place, they will organise pre-visit online meetings to meet you remotely and understand your needs and priorities, within your time frame.

Commute, schools, hobbies, preferences, our team will identify and offer a portfolio of properties, furnished or non furnished that meet your expectations. They will take you to visit the properties, meet the owners when applicable, visit the town, familiarise yourself with the area, and make sure your find your home away from home.

Annecy Lacmontagne will remain be at your availability, even once you are set up to help with administration, translation, schooling, language classes, suppliers contracts, tax set up, sourcing furniture and DIY at the property...



You know the area and want to buy? not interested in renting? 

The French system differs considerably from the British system. Annecy Lacmontagne is available to help you find your dream home, whether in the town of Annecy, on the lakeside villages or in the mountains. 

Visits schedule, Language, process, notaries, diagnostics, contacts, our team can help you throughout the purchase process.

Already owner of a home in the area ? need to do some work, refresh the space, supervising your empty property or works? Considering renting some weeks to cover your mortgage repayments? Annecy Lacmontagne offers an all-round service of translation, administration, interior design, refurbishment, furniture sourcing, holiday rental, conciergerie and maintenance service. 



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